HTML and CSS Reference
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Now you can use what you've learned about spacing to make the changes that Tammy
has suggested. To spread out her heading text, you'll set the kerning of the h1 heading to
0.4em. You'll also set the indentation to 1em, moving the text of both h1 and h2 head-
ings to the left.
To change the spacing of the headings on the Web site:
1. Return to the sa_styles.css file in your text editor.
2. Within the style rules for the section h1 selector and the h2 selector, insert the
following style values (see Figure 3-32):
letter-spacing: 0.4em;
text-indent: 1em;
Figure 3-32
Defi ning letter-spacing and text-indent
3. Save your changes to the file and then reload the home.htm file in your browser.
As shown in Figure 3-33, the indent and the spacing between the letters have
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