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One of the nice things about OSG i development is that you have a great deal of flexi-
bility about whether you choose to use an IDE with OSG i support, or stick to your
favorite IDE and add in your OSG i bits at build time. Some excellent IDE plug-ins for
developing OSG i are available, but they're by no means compulsory. Eclipse is the
most popular base for developing OSG i, both because of the built-in PDE tooling and
alternative toolsets, like bndtools and the Maven Eclipse plug-ins. Both bndtools and
Eclipse PDE also allow you to run your tests inside the IDE as well as on the command
line, which can make writing and debugging tests much faster.
Tools are only a small part of the OSG i ecosystem. In part 3, we'll take a tour of the
broader enterprise OSG i ecosystem—extra technologies, bigger and higher stacks,
and the messy edges between the OSG i world and the non- OSG i world.
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