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Figure 2-18. Selecting a color from the default pallet
If you click the Other button, the full-featured color-picker shown in Figure 2-19 is displayed.
Figure 2-19. The color-picker control
The Overall Rating field uses the number input type. The Opera and Chrome implementation include up and down
arrows that allows you to increment and decrement the current value. Alpha and alpha-numeric values are ignored
(deleted). With Chrome, an invalid entry is cleared out as soon as you tab off the field. With Opera, this does not
happen until the form is submitted. In both cases, no error is displayed but the entire input is simply deleted.
Text Area
The last field uses the text area input type. I specified this to use 5 rows and 30 columns. This only affects how the
field is displayed on the page. The text is stored as a single string and carriage returns that are entered in the field
are stored as 
 . The text will be wrapped to it into the allotted size on the page but it can contain any
number of rows.
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