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getPort() —The getPort Function
getPort( url )
Returns the port used in the indicated url .
getQuery() —The getQuery Function
getQuery( url )
Returns the query used in the indicated url .
getReferer() —The getReferer Function
Returns the URL of the resource that called the current compilation unit.
getScheme() —The getScheme Function
getScheme( url )
Returns the scheme of the indicated url .
isValid() —The isValid Function
isValid( url )
Checks the indicated url for appropriate URL syntax, returning true if correct, false if not.
loadString() —The loadString Function
loadString( url , contentType )
Returns the content specified by the url and contentType (for example, text/html).
resolve() —The resolve Function
resolve( baseUrl , embeddedUrl )
Produces an absolute URL from a given baseUrl and embeddedUrl .
unescapeString() —The unescapeString Function
unescapeString( string )
This function performs the opposite task of the URL.escapeString() function, returning a
string with the escape characters replaced by the original characters that these escape charac-
ters represent.
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