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WMLBrowser Library
The WMLBrowser library contains functions by which WMLScript can access the associated
WML context. These functions must not have any side effects and must return invalid in cases
where the system does not support WMLBrowser and where the WML Browser does not invoke
the interpreter.
getCurrentCard() —The getCurrentCard Function
Returns the relative URL of the current card.
getVar() —The getVar Function
getVar( name )
Returns the value of the specified variable.
go() —The go Function
go( url )
Loads and transfers focus to the given url .
newContext() —The newContext Function
A type of “reset” function; clears all present variables and clears the navigation history stack.
prev() —The prev Function
Returns focus back to the previous WML card.
refresh() —The refresh Function
Forces a refresh of the WML Browser based on current context and variable values.
setVar() —The setVar Function
setVar( name , value )
Sets the value of a local deck variable.
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