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The JspFactory() method is an empty default constructor. It has no parameters, returns no
value, and throws no exceptions.
The setDefaultFactory() Method
public static void setDefaultFactory(JspFactory deflt)
The setDefaultFactory() method sets the default factory for this JSP implementation. It is
illegal for any principal other than the JSP Engine runtime to call this method. It returns no
value and throws no exceptions.
It has one parameter:
The getDefaultFactory() Method
public static JspFactory getDefaultFactory()
The getDefaultFactory() method returns the default factory for this JSP implementation. It
has no parameters and throws no exceptions.
It returns this value:
The getPageContext() Method
public abstract PageContext getPageContext(
javax.servlet.Servlet servlet,
javax.servlet.ServletRequest request,
javax.servlet.ServletResponse response,
java.lang.String errorPageURL,
boolean needsSession,
int buffer,
boolean autoflush)
The getPageContext() method obtains an instance of an implementation-dependent
javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext abstract class for the calling servlet and currently pending
request and response. This method is typically called early in the processing of the
_jspService() method of a JSP implementation class to obtain a PageContext object for the
request being processed. Invoking this method results in the PageContext.initialize()
method being invoked. The returned object is a properly initialized PageContext . All
PageContext objects obtained through this method must be released by invoking
releasePageContext() .
The getPageContext() method throws no exceptions. It has seven parameters:
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