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The javax.servlet.jsp package has four classes: JspEngineInfo , JspFactory , JspWriter ,
and PageContext .
The JspEngineInfo Class
public abstract class JspEngineInfo
The JspEngineInfo class is an abstract class that provides information on the current JSP
engine. It defines two methods.
The JspEngineInfo() Method
public JspEngineInfo()
The JspEngineInfo() method is an empty default constructor. It has no parameters, returns no
value, and throws no exceptions.
The getImplementationVersion() Method
public java.lang.String getImplementationVersion()
The getImplementationVersion() method returns the current version of the JSP specification.
The version number must begin with a number. If the version is not defined, a null will be
returned. It has no parameters and throws no exceptions.
It returns this value:
The JspFactory Class
public abstract class JspFactory extends java.lang.Object
JspFactory is an abstract class that defines a number of factory methods available to a JSP
page at runtime for the purposes of creating instances of various interfaces and classes used to
support the JSP implementation. It has one field and six methods.
The deflt Field
private static JspFactory deflt
The deflt field represents the default JSPFactory implementation.
The JspFactory() Method
public JspFactory()
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