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Installing Netscape Directory Server
To download Netscape, direct your browser to the following:
Begin here and work your way to the downloads page. Download the NDS version 4.12 that is
correct for your platform. The download will give you an executable file that will install the
Netscape server.
When you run the installation, first you will accept the licensing agreement. Then select the
installation of Netscape Servers from the Setup screen.
Accept all of the default options during the installation. There are several screens where you
must enter information about your computer and about how the application should be config-
The first screen where you will need to enter information will appear just as in Figure 11.2.
F IGURE 11.2
Input of computer information.
Three input areas are on this dialog. The first is Server Identifier. Type your computer's name
here. The second is the port number. Allow this to default to the standard LDAP port of 389.
The last is for the Suffix for your server. For all of our examples we have used our company's
name; so type .
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