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The next screen will ask you to enter a password to access the admin account of for the Admin
Server. Use something you will remember here.
The setup program will then ask you to enter the Administration Domain for your server. Once
again, type .
At this point you will be asked for a password for the server's Directory Manager. The screen
accepting this information will look just like Figure 11.3.
F IGURE 11.3
Input of Directory Manager password.
To enable all of the examples developed in this chapter, you must use directory as the pass-
word for the Directory Manager. Type this into both text boxes, and click Next.
From here through the completion of installation, accept all of the default values. On the final
screen, click Finish and you are ready to go.
Only a little information is required to make an initial connection to the LDAP server. This
connection comes in the form of the Context class that is part of the JNDI package. All of the
necessary information could be retrieved from a properties file, however for simplicity you will
just provide the information directly in the manager class. In the following code snippet, you
collect the necessary information:
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