HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 11-3. Use the bordercolor and border attributes
to control the color and spacing between frames Frames and JavaScript
All the popular browsers support JavaScript-related event handlers that
let your frame documents react when they are first loaded and when
the frame window gets resized ( onLoad ); when the user unloads them
from the browser ( onUnload ); when the window containing the frameset
loses focus, such as when the user selects another window ( onBlur ); or
when the frameset becomes the active window ( onFocus ). Included as
<frameset> attributes, these event handlers take quote-enclosed lists of
JavaScript commands and function calls as their values.
For example, you might notify the user when all the contents have been
loaded into their respective frames of a lengthy frameset:
<frameset onLoad="window.alert('Everything is loaded. You may now continue.')">
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