HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Defines a table footer
align, char, charoff, class, dir, id, lang,
onClick, onDblClick, onKeyDown, onKeyPress,
onKeyUp, onMouseDown, onMouseMove,
onMouseOut, onMouseOver, onMouseUp, style,
title, valign
</tfoot> ; may be omitted in HTML
End tag
Used in
The closing </tfoot> tag is optional in HTML because the footer ends at
the following <tbody> tag or at the end of the table.
10.3.4. The <tbody> Tag
Use the <tbody> tag to divide your table into discrete sections. The <t-
body> tag collects one or more rows into a group within a table. It is per-
fectly acceptable to have no <tbody> tags within a table, although where
you might include one, you probably will have two or more <tbody> tags
within a table. So identified, you can give each <tbody> group different
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