HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
ute accepts values of top, middle, baseline (Internet Explorer only), or
bottom , dictating the vertical alignment of text in all of the heading rows.
If you don't specify any alignments or styles, the browser centers the
heading text vertically and horizontally within the respective cells, equi-
valent to specifying align=center and valign=middle for each. Of course,
individual row and cell or stylesheet specifications may override these
10.3.3. The <tfoot> Tag
Use the <tfoot> tag to define a footer for a table. The <tfoot> tag may
appear only once, just before the <tbody> tag. Like <thead> , it may con-
tain one or more <tr> tags that let you define those rows that the cur-
rently popular browsers use as the table footer. Thereafter, the browser
repeats these rows if the table is broken across multiple physical or vir-
tual pages. Most often, the browser repeats the table footer at the bot-
tom of each portion of a table printed on multiple pages.
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