HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Defines a row within a table
, bgcolor, bordercolor
align, background
, bordercolordark
, bordercolorlight
char, charoff, class, dir, id, lang,
nowrap, onClick, onDblClick, onKeyDown,
onKeyPress, onKeyUp, onMouseDown,
onMouseMove, onMouseOut, onMouseOver,
onMouseUp, style, title, valign
End tag
</tr> ; may be omitted in HTML
Used in
table_content The align and valign attributes
The align attribute for the <table> tag may be deprecated in the HTML
and XHTML standards, but it is alive and kicking for <tr> and other table
elements. The align attribute for the <tr> tag lets you change the default
horizontal alignment of all the contents of the cells in a row. The attribute
affects all the cells within the current row, but not subsequent rows.
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