HTML and CSS Reference
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An align attribute value of left, right, center, justify , or char causes
the browser to align the contents of each cell in the row against the left
or right edge, in the center of the cell, spread across the cell, or to a
specified character in the cell, respectively.
Similarly, you can change the default vertical alignment for the contents
of data cells contained within a table row with the valign attribute.
Normally, browsers render cell contents centered vertically. By including
the valign attribute in the <tr> tag with a value of top, bottom, center,
middle , or baseline (Internet Explorer only), you tell the browser to place
the table row's contents flush against the top or bottom of their cells,
centered, or aligned to the baseline of the top line of text in other cells
in the row, respectively (see Figure 10-3 ):
Figure 10-3. Effects of the valign attribute; only Internet
Explorer (shown here) supports the baseline value for
<table border="border">
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