HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
ferences throughout this topic. Nevertheless, it helps to download not
only the latest versions from their web sites, but also previous browser
versions in order to better test your work for compatibility. This is partic-
ularly important given that several millions of the estimated more than
one billion Web users worldwide still operate the ancient Internet Ex-
plorer version 5!
1.6.2. An Extended Toolkit
If you're serious about creating documents, you'll soon find that all sorts
of nifty tools are available to make life easier. The list of freeware,
shareware, and commercial products grows daily, so it's not very useful
to provide a list here. This is, in fact, another good reason to frequent
the various newsgroups and web sites that keep updated lists of HTML
and XHTML resources on the Web. If you are really dedicated to writing
in HTML and XHTML, you will visit those sites, and you will visit them
regularly to keep abreast of the language, tools, and trends.
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