HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 2. Quick Start
We didn't spend hours studiously poring over some reference book before
we wrote our first HTML document. You probably shouldn't, either. HTML
is simple to read and understand, and it's simple to write. And once
you've written an HTML document, you've nearly completed your first
XHTML one, too. So let's get started without first learning a lot of arcane
To help you get that quick, satisfying start, we've included this chapter as
a brief summary of the many elements of HTML and its progeny, XHTML.
Of course, we've left out a lot of details and some tricks that you should
know. Read the upcoming chapters to get the essentials for becoming
fluent in HTML and XHTML.
Even if you are familiar with the languages, we recommend that you work
your way through this chapter before tackling the rest of the topic. It not
only gives you a working grasp of basic HTML/XHTML and their jargon,
but you'll also be more productive later, flush with the confidence that
comes from creating attractive documents in such a short time.
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