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counter-increment: item}
<li> This is item number 1.</li>
<li> This is sub-item number 1.1.</li>
<li> This is item number 2.</li>
<li> This is sub-item 2.1.</li>
<li> This is sub-item 2.2.</li>
... and so on
All the popular browsers support the pseudoelements, generating ef-
fects such as that shown in Figure 8-2 . However, Internet Explorer does
not support the content property and Netscape doesn't support coun-
ters. So only the newcomers, Firefox and Opera, properly display the
progressively numbered unordered list items, defined by the foregoing
example and shown in Figure 8-3 .
Figure 8-3. Style counters combine with pseudoelements
to create outline-line numbering
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