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p:first-letter {font-size: 200%; float: left}
tells the browser to make the first letter of a paragraph twice as large
as the remaining text and to float the letter to the left, allowing the first
two lines of the paragraph to float around the larger initial letter (see
Figure 8-2 ). [*]
[*] The properties you can specify for the :first-letter and :first-line pseudoelements are
font, color, background, text-decoration, vertical-align, text-transform,
line-height , and clear . And in addition, the :first-letter pseudoelement accepts the margin
properties, padding properties, border properties, and float . The :first-line pseudoelement also
accepts the word-spacing and letter-spacing properties.
Figure 8-2. Use the first-letter pseudoelement to select
the first letter of text within a tag's content
The :before and :after pseudoelements let you identify where in your
document you insert generated content such as list numbers and special
lead-in headers. Hence, these pseudoelements go hand in hand with the
CSS2 content and counter properties. To whet your appetite, consider
this example:
ul {counter-reset: item; list-style: none}
ul li:before {content: "Item #" counters(item, ".") " ";
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