HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Defines a definition list term
class, dir, id, lang, onClick, onDblClick,
onKeyDown, onKeyPress, onKeyUp,
onMouseDown, onMouseMove, onMouseOut,
onMouseOver, onMouseUp, style, title
End tag
</dt> ; may be omitted in HTML
Used in
However, the XHTML standard insists that it be present, so get used to
including it in your documents. Formatting text with <dt>
In practice, browsers are either too lenient or too dumb to enforce the
rules, so some tricky HTML authors misuse the <dt> tag to shift the left
margin right and left, respectively, for fancy text displays. (Remember,
tab characters and leading spaces usually don't work with regular text.)
We don't condone violating the HTML, and certainly not the XHTML stand-
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