HTML and CSS Reference
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ard, and we caution you once again about tricked-up documents. Use
stylesheets instead. The class, dir, id, lang, style, title, and event attributes
The <dt> tag supports the standard HTML 4/XHTML tag attributes. The
style and class attributes let you control the display style, the id and
title tag attributes let you uniquely label its contents, the lang and dir
attributes let you specify its native language and the direction in which
the text will be rendered, and the many on-event attributes let you react
to user-initiated mouse and keyboard actions on the contents. Not all
are implemented by the currently popular browsers for this tag or for
many others. [ The dir attribute, ] [ The lang attribute, ]
[ The id attribute, ][ The title attribute, ] [ Inline Styles:
The style Attribute, 8.1.1 ] [ Style Classes, 8.3 ] [ JavaScript Event Hand-
lers, 12.3.3 ]
7.5.3. The <dd> Tag
The <dd> tag marks the start of the definition portion of an item in a
definition list. According to the HTML and XHTML standards, <dd> be-
longs only inside a definition ( <dl> ) list, immediately following the <dt>
tag and term and preceding the definition or explanation.
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