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Figure 6-4. Wordy but effectively descriptive link list
This more descriptive style of presenting a link list tries hard to draw
readers into the linked document by giving a fuller taste of what they
can expect to find. Because each list element is longer and requires
more scanning by the reader, you should use this style sparingly and
dramatically limit the number of links.
Use the brief list style when presenting large numbers of links to a well-
informed audience. The second, more descriptive style is better suited
to a smaller number of links for which your readership is less well-versed
in the topic at hand.
6.4.2. Inline References
If you aren't collecting links into lists, you're probably sprinkling them
throughout your document. So-called inline links are more in keeping
with the true spirit of hypertext because they enable readers to mark
their current place in the document, visit the related topic in more depth
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