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Kumquat-related documents include:
<li>A concise guide to <a href="kumquat_farming.html">
profitable kumquat farming</a>,
including a variety of business plans, lists of fruit
packing companies, and farming supply companies.
<li>101 different ways to <a href="kumquat_uses">
use a kumquat</a>, including stewed kumquats and kumquat pie!
<li>The kumquat is a hardy tree, but even the greenest of
thumbs can use a few <a href="news:alt.kumquat_growers">
growing tips</a> to increase
their yield.
<li>The business of kumquats is an expanding one, as
shown by this 10 year overview of the
<a href="">
kumquat industry</a>.
It sometimes gets hard to read a source HTML document, and it will be-
come even more tedious with XHTML. Imagine the clutter if we'd used
anchors with fragment identifiers for each subtopic in the list-item ex-
planations. Nonetheless, it looks pristine and easily navigable when dis-
played by a browser such as Opera, as shown in Figure 6-4 .
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