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news:comp.infosys.www.announce Accessing single messages
Every message on a news server has a unique message identifier (ID)
associated with it. This ID has the form:
unique_string @ server
The unique_string is a sequence of ASCII characters; the server is usu-
ally the name of the machine from which the message originated. The
unique_string must be unique among all the messages that originated
from the server. A sample URL to access a single message might be:
In general, message IDs are cryptic sequences of characters not readily
understood by humans. Moreover, the life span of a message on a serv-
er is usually measured in days, after which the message is deleted and
the message ID is no longer valid. The bottom line: single-message
news URLs are difficult to create, become invalid quickly, and generally
are not used.
6.2.9. The nntp URL
The nntp URL goes beyond the news URL to provide a complete mech-
anism for accessing articles in the Usenet news system. It has the form:
nntp:// server : port / newsgroup / article
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