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In-Depth Information The nntp server and port
The nntp server and port are defined similarly to the http server and
port, described earlier. The server must be the Internet domain name or
IP address of an nntp server; the port is the port on which that server is
listening for requests.
If the port and its preceding colon are omitted, the default port of 119
is used. The nntp newsgroup and article
The newsgroup is the name of the group from which an article is to be
retrieved, as just defined in section 6.2.8 The article is the numeric ID
of the desired article within that newsgroup. Although the article num-
ber is easier to determine than a message ID, it falls prey to the same
limitations of single-message references using the news URL, just de-
scribed in section 6.2.8 . Specifically, articles do not last long on most
nntp servers, and nntp URLs quickly become invalid as a result. Sample nntp URLs
A sample nntp URL might be:
This URL retrieves article 417 from the newsgroup on . Keep in mind that the article will be served only to
machines that are allowed to retrieve articles from this server. In gen-
eral, most nntp servers restrict access to those machines on the same
local area network.
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