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tall, respectively.
<hr size=12>
<hr size=36>
<hr size=72>
The size attribute is deprecated in HTML 4 and XHTML because you can
achieve its effects with appropriate use of stylesheets. The noshade attribute
You may not want a 3D rule line, preferring a flat, 2D rule. Just add the
noshade attribute to the <hr> tag to eliminate the 3D effect. No value is
required with HTML. Use noshade="noshade" with XHTML.
Note the difference in appearance of a "normal" 3D rule versus the
noshade 2D one in Figure 5-3 . (We've also exaggerated the rule's thick-
ness for obvious effect, as evident in the source HTML fragment.)
Figure 5-3. Normal 3D rule versus the noshade 2D option
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