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<hr size=32>
<hr size=32 noshade>
Interestingly, Internet Explorer's noshade rule has blunt ends instead of
the rounded ones the other browsers render, like that in Figure 5-3 .
Nevertheless, the noshade attribute is deprecated in HTML 4 and XHTML
because you can achieve its effects with appropriate use of stylesheets. The width attribute
The default rule is drawn across the full width of the view window. You
can shorten or lengthen rules with the width attribute, creating rule lines
that either are an absolute number of pixels wide or extend across a
certain percentage of the current text flow. Most browsers automatically
center partial-width rules; see the align attribute (see section )
to left- or right-justify horizontal rules.
Here are some examples of width -specified horizontal rules (see Figure
5-4 ):
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