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For instance, you could cite the specific section in the Kumquat Growers'
Bylaws in our example. Presumably, someday the browser may actually
let you click and view that specific citation via its embedded URL. Today,
you must embed an explicit hyperlink to the document; see Chapter 6 :
<blockquote cite=""> The dir and lang attributes
The dir attribute lets you advise the browser in which direction the text
within the <blockquote> segment should be displayed, and lang lets you
specify the language used within that tag. [ The dir attribute, ]
[ The lang attribute, ] The class, id, style, and title attributes
Use the style attribute to specify an inline style for the <blockquote> tag,
or use the class attribute to apply a predefined style class to the tag.
[ Inline Styles: The style Attribute, 8.1.1 ] [ Style Classes, 8.3 ]
You may assign a unique ID to the <blockquote> tag, as well as a title,
using the respective attribute and accompanying quote-enclosed string
value. [ The id attribute, ] [ The title attribute, ] Event attributes
As with most other tagged segments of content, user-related events can
happen in and around the <blockquote> tag, such as when a user clicks
or double-clicks within its display space. The current browsers recognize
many of these events. With the respective on attribute and value, you
may react to those events by displaying a user dialog box or activating
some multimedia event. [ JavaScript Event Handlers, 12.3.3 ]
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