HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 4-11. The <var> tag typically appears in
preformatted (<pre>) computer code
Like the other computer-programming and documentation-related tags,
the <var> tag not only makes it easy for users to understand and browse
your documentation, but automated systems might someday use the
appropriately tagged text to extract information and useful parameters
mentioned in your documents. Once again, the more semantic informa-
tion you provide to your browser, the better it can present that inform-
ation to the user.
4.4.11. The class, style, id, and title Attributes
Although each content-based tag has a default display style, you can
override that style by defining a new look for each tag. You can apply
this new look to the content-based tags using either the style or the
class attribute. [ Inline Styles: The style Attribute, 8.1.1 ] [ Style Classes,
8.3 ]
You also may assign a unique identifier ( id ) to the content-based style
tag, as well as a less rigorous title , using the respective attributes
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