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Figure 4-10. Strong and emphasized text are rendered
If common sense tells us that the <em> tag should be used sparingly, the
<strong> tag should appear in documents even more infrequently. <em>
text is like shouting. <strong> text is nothing short of a scream. Like a
well-chosen epithet voiced by an otherwise taciturn person, restraint in
the use of <strong> makes its use that much more noticeable and effect-
4.4.10. The <var> Tag
The <var> tag, another computer-documentation trick, indicates a vari-
able name or a user-supplied value. The tag is often used in conjunction
with the <code> and <pre> tags for displaying particular elements of
computer-programming code samples and the like. Browsers typically
render <var> -tagged text in italics, as shown in Figure 4-11 , which dis-
plays the following example:
The user should type
cp <var>source-file</var> <var>dest-file</var>
replacing the <var>source-file</var> with the name of
the source file, and <var>dest-file</var> with the name
of the destination file.
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