HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 4-9. Setting off sample text using the <samp> tag
The special HTML reference for the ae ligature entity is &aelig; and is
converted to its appropriate æ ligature character by most browsers. For
more information, see Appendix F .
The <samp> tag is not used very often. You should use it in those few
cases where special emphasis needs to be placed on small character se-
quences taken out of their normal context.
4.4.9. The <strong> Tag
Like the <em> tag, the <strong> tag is for emphasizing text, except with
more gusto. Browsers typically display the <strong> tag differently than
the <em> tag, usually by making the text bold (versus italic) so that users
can distinguish between the two. For example, in the following text, the
emphasized "never" appears in italic by Opera, and the <strong> "forbid-
den" is rendered in bold characters (see Figure 4-10 ):
One should <em>never</em> make a disparaging remark about the
noble fruit. In particular, mentioning kumquats in conjunction
with vulgar phrases is expressly <strong>forbidden</strong> by
the Association bylaws.
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