HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
will take any arbitrary sequence of words and images and display a
nicely formatted paragraph.
If you want to control line length and breaks explicitly, consider using a
preformatted text block with the <pre> tag. If you need to force a line
break, use the <br> tag.[ <pre>, 4.6.5 ] [ <br>, 4.6.1 ] The align attribute
Most browsers automatically left-justify a new paragraph. To change
this behavior, HTML 4 and XHTML give you the align attribute for the
<p> tag and provide four kinds of content justification: left , right , cen-
ter , and justify .
Figure 4-2 shows the effect of various alignments as rendered from the
following source:
<p align=right>
Right over here!
This is too.
<p align=left>
Slide back left.
<p align=center>
Smack in the middle.
Left is the default.
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