HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 4-2. Effect of the align attribute on paragraph
Notice in the HTML example that the paragraph alignment remains in
effect until the browser encounters another <p> tag or an ending </p>
tag. We deliberately left out a final <p> tag in the example to illustrate
the effects of the </p> end tag on paragraph justification. Other body
elementsincluding forms, headers, tables, and most other body content-
related tagsmay also disrupt the current paragraph alignment and cause
subsequent paragraphs to revert to the default left alignment.
Note that the align attribute is deprecated in HTML 4 and XHTML, in de-
ference to stylesheet-based alignments. The dir and lang attributes
The dir attribute lets you advise the browser in which direction the text
within the paragraph should be displayed, and the lang attribute lets
you specify the language used within that paragraph. The dir and lang
attributes are supported by the popular browsers, even though there
are no behaviors defined for any specific language.[ The dir attribute, ] [ The lang attribute, ]
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