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supplied, they correspond to the right and bottom edges of the visible
area, and Netscape assumes the top and left values are 0 . Therefore,
clip= "75,100" is equivalent to clip= "0,0,75,100".
The clip attribute is handy for hiding portions of a layer, or for creating
fade and wipe effects using JavaScript functions to change the clipping
window over time.
H.3.1.9. The style and class attributes
Use the style attribute with the <layer> tag to create an inline style for
all the content inside a layer. The class attribute lets you label the layer
with a name that refers to a predefined class of the <layer> tag declared
in some document-level or externally defined stylesheet. Accordingly,
you may choose to use a stylesheet rather than individual and redund-
ant bgcolor tag attributes to define a background color for all your doc-
ument layers or for a particular class of layers. [ Inline Styles: The style
Attribute, 8.1.1 ] [ Style Classes, 8.3 ]
H.3.2. The <ilayer> Tag (Antiquated)
While you control the position of a <layer> using top and left attribute
coordinates relative to the document's entire display space, Netscape 4
provides a separate tag, <ilayer> , that lets you position individual layers
with respect to the current flow of content, much like an inline image.
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