HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<ilayer> (Antiquated)
Defines an inline layer of content within a
text flow
above , background , below , bgcolor , class , clip ,
left , name , src , style , top , visibility , width ,
End tag
</ilayer> ; never omitted
Used in
An <ilayer> tag creates a layer that occupies space in the containing text
flow. Subsequent content is placed after the space occupied by <ilayer> .
This is in contrast to the <layer> tag, which creates a layer above the
containing text flow, allowing subsequent content to be placed under the
layer just created.
The <ilayer> tag removes the need for an enclosing, attribute-free <lay-
er> that serves to put a nest of specially positioned layers inline with
the content flow, much like we did in most of the examples in the previ-
ous sections of this appendix. The attributes of <ilayer> are the same as
those for the <layer> tag.
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