HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information The profile attribute
Often, the header of a document contains a number of <meta> tags used
to convey additional information about the document to the browser. In
the future, authors may use predefined profiles of standard document
metadata to better describe their documents. The profile attribute sup-
plies the URL of the profile associated with the current document.
The format of a profile and how a browser might use it are not yet
defined; this attribute is primarily a placeholder for future development.
3.7.2. The <title> Tag
The <title> tag does exactly what you might expect: the words you
place inside its beginning and end tags define the title for your docu-
ment. (This stuff is pretty much self-explanatory and easier than you
might think at first glance.) The browser uses the title in some special
manner, and it is most often placed in the browser window's title bar or
on a status line. Usually, too, the title becomes the default name for a
link to the document if the document is added to a link collection or to a
user's favorites or bookmarks list.
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