HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Defines the document title
dir , lang
</title> ; never omitted
End tag
Used in
The <title> tag is the only thing required within a document's head. Be-
cause the <head> tag itself and even the <html> tag can safely be omitted,
the <title> tag could be the first line within a valid HTML document. Bey-
ond that, most browsers will even supply a generic title for documents
lacking a <title> tag, such as the document's filename, so you don't even
have to supply a title. That goes a bit too far even for our down-and-dirty
tastes, though. No respectable author should serve up a document miss-
ing the <title> tag and a title.
When you do include a <title> , don't forget to close it with the </title>
end tag. Otherwise, your title's text ends up displayed in the body of your
document, even though it may precede the <body> tag.
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