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H.2. Multicolumn Layout
Multicolumn text formatting is one of the most common features of
desktop publishing. In addition to creating attractive pages in a variety of
formats, multiple columns let you present your text using shorter, easier-
to-read lines. HTML page designers have longed for the ability to easily
create multiple text columns in a single page, but they have been forced
to use various tricks, such as multicolumn tables (see Chapter 17 ).
Netscape 4 neatly solved this problem with the unique <multicol> tag.
While fancy unbalanced columns and straddling are not possible with this
tag, as they are with tables, conventionally balanced text columns are
easy to create with <multicol> . And while this capability is available only
with Netscape 4, the <multicol> tag degrades nicely in other browsers.
H.2.1. The <multicol> Tag (Antiquated)
The <multicol> tag creates multiple columns of text and lets you control
the size and number of columns.
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