HTML and CSS Reference
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<multicol> (Antiquated)
Formats text with multiple columns
class , cols , gutter , style , width
</multicol> ; never omitted
End tag
Used in
The <multicol> tag can contain any other HTML content, much like the
<div> tag. All of the content within the <multicol> tag is displayed just
like conventional content, except that Netscape 4 places the contents in-
to multiple columns rather than just one.
The <multicol> tag creates a break in the text flow and inserts a blank
line before rendering its content into multiple columns. After the tag, an-
other blank line is added and the text flow resumes using the previous
layout and formatting.
Netscape 4 automatically balances the columns, making each approxim-
ately the same length. Where possible, the browser moves text between
columns to accomplish the balancing. In some cases, the columns cannot
be balanced perfectly because of embedded images, tables, or other
large elements.
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