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G.2. Color Names
Determining the RGB-triple value for anything other than the simplest
colors (you try figuring out esoteric colors like "papaya whip" or "navajo
white") is not easy. You can go crazy trying to adjust the RGB triple for
a color to get the shade just right, especially when each adjustment re-
quires loading a document into your browser to view the result.
To make life easier, the standards define 16 standard color names that
you can use anywhere you can use a numeric color value. For example,
you can make all visited links in the display magenta with the following
attribute and value for the body tag:
<body vlink="magenta">
The color names and RGB values defined in the HTML/XHTML standards
aqua (#00FFFF) gray (#808080)
navy (#000080)
black (#000000) green (#008000) olive (#808000) teal (#008080)
blue (#0000FF) lime (#00FF00)
red (#FF0000)
white (#FFFFFF)
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