HTML and CSS Reference
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G.1. Color Values
In all cases, you may set the color value for an HTML element, such as
<body> text, <table> background, and so on, as a six-digit hexadecimal
number that represents the red, green, and blue (RGB) components of
the color. The first two digits correspond to the red component of the
color, the next two are the green component, and the last two are the
blue component. A value of 00 corresponds to a component being com-
pletely off; the hexadecimal value of FF (decimal 255) corresponds to the
component being completely on. Thus, bright red is FF0000 , bright green
is 00FF00 , and bright blue is 0000FF . Other primary colors are mixtures
of the components, such as yellow ( FFFF00 ), magenta ( FF00FF ), and cyan
( 00FFFF ). White ( FFFFFF ) and black ( 000000 ) also are easy to figure out.
You use these values in a tag by replacing the color with the RGB triple,
preceded by a pound sign ( # ). Thus, to make all visited links display as
magenta, use this body tag:
<body vlink="#FF00FF">
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