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2. The Services Page. Create the Services page shown in Figure 2.33. A productivity
technique is to create new pages based on existing pages—so you can benefit
from your previous work. Your new Services page will use the index.html page as
a starting point.
Figure 2.33
Fish Creek
Open the index.html page for the Fish Creek Web site in Notepad. Select File,
Save As, and save the file with the new name of services.html in the fishcreek
folder. Now you are ready to edit the page.
Modify the page title. Change the text contained between the <title> and
</title> tags to Fish Creek Animal Hospital Services.
Delete the definition list and the contact information.
Add the services content to the page using an unordered list. Configure the
name of each services category to be bold (use the <strong> logical style
element). Code line breaks after each category name.
The service categories and descriptions are as follows:
Medical Services
We offer state-of-the-art equipment and technology.
Surgical Services
Full range of surgical procedures including orthopedics and emergency
Dental Care
A dental exam can determine whether your pet needs preventive dental care
such as scaling and polishing.
House Calls
The elderly, physically challenged, and multiple pet households often find
our in-home veterinary service helpful and convenient.
At least one of our doctors is on call every day and night.
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