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Web Rings
Web rings are more appropriate for noncommercial sites than for businesses. However,
a Web ring can bring quite a few visitors to a site. Join a ring of sites on a similar topic.
Visitors can surf from site to site and expect that the content should interest them. You
could even create your own Web ring. See WebRing ( or
RingSurf ( for more information.
Newsgroup and Listserv Postings
Subscribe to relevant Usenet newsgroups , listservs , or forums related to your Web site
content. Do not reply to postings with an advertisement of your site. Instead, reply to
postings when your response can offer assistance or advice. Include a signature line
with your Web site URL. Be subtle—you can get banned from some listservs if the mod-
erator perceives that you are merely advertising. However, by offering friendly, helpful
advice in a newsgroup or listserv you can market your Web site in a subtle, positive
manner at no cost other than your Internet connection.
Your Internet service provider may provide access to Usenet newsgroups. Google also
provides access at Listservs can be run by individuals or by
Traditional Media Ads and Existing Marketing Materials
Don't forget to mention your Web site in any print, TV, or radio ads your organization
runs. Include the URL of your Web site on all brochures, stationery, and business cards.
This will help make your Web site easily found by your current and potential customers.
1. Are the results returned by various search engines really different? Choose a place, music
group, or movie to search for. Enter the same search terms, such as “Door County” into
the following three search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and Ask ( ). List
the URLs of the top three sites returned by each. Comment on your findings.
2. How can you determine if your Web site has been indexed by a search engine? How
can you determine which search engines are being used to find your site?
3. List four Web site promotion methods that do not use search engines. Which would be
your first choice? Why?
13.10 Serving Dynamic Content
with Inline Frames
How does, the vehicle pricing and review site, display a banner ad on its
home page that is hosted and controlled by another organization? How do the Chicago
Bears ( and the ABC ( home pages easily display
a variety of multimedia clips? How are the potential customer referrals provided by's Associates initiated and tracked? How does Google facilitate Ad Sense
advertisement displays and click-throughs on third party Web sites? At the time this was
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