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Figure 11.10
The Java Virtual
Machine interprets
the byte code into
machine language
Common Uses of Java Applets
Processing Navigation Bars and Buttons. Java applets can process interactive navi-
gation bars on Web pages. Visit
and for a variety of navigation and menu Java applets.
Manipulating Images. Java can be used to manipulate images in a number of
ways. Visit for a sample slide
show. Perhaps one of the best known Java applet images is the Lake Applet from, shown in Figure 11.11. This applet not only
manipulates the lower portion of an image to make it look like a lake, it also functions
as a hyperlink.
Figure 11.11
The classic lake
Creating Text Effects. Java applets can also be used to create text effects such as the
sample applet shown in Figure 11.12 (see the student files, Chapter11/java1.html). Other
text effects can be found at Web sites such as
Figure 11.12
A Java applet that
provides changing
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