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Creating Games. Another popular use of Java applets is to create games for Web
pages. Figure 11.13 shows a picture game processed by a Java applet at Try Java on the Brain for other examples of classic games as Java
Figure 11.13
A Java applet game
Using Web and Business Applications. While image effects and games are fun, the
use of Java applets in business applications has been increasing for functions such as
financial calculations and visualization. The ( site pro-
vides a Java applet review service and describes applets that are useful in a business
environment, such as NetCharts from This type of applet often
connects to databases on a Web server and can be very powerful tools if you need to
display live data visually.
You can see that Java applets can perform a variety of functions on Web pages. As a
Web developer your usual role will not be that of a Java programmer—that is, you
should not be expected to write Java applets. However, you could be asked to work
with a Java programmer to place his or her applets on your Web site. Whether you
obtain an applet from a coworker or find one on a free site, you need to code XHTML
to display the applet.
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