HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Graphic Designer
The graphic designer determines appropriate use of color and graphics on the site, creates
page layouts, and designs graphics. The graphic designer may work closely with the
Web developers to create graphic buttons used in mouseover effects.
Database Administrator
A database administrator is needed if the site accesses information stored in databases.
Database administrators create databases, create procedures to maintain databases
(including backup and recovery), and control access to databases.
Network Administrator
The network administrator configures and maintains the Web server , installs and main-
tains system hardware and software, and controls access security.
Web Developer
The Web developer writes XHTML code and client-side scripting such as JavaScript.
The Web developer may develop server-side processing such as PHP or ASP. Typically,
there are multiple Web developers assigned to a large project, each with his or her area
of expertise.
Project Staffing Criteria
Whether the project is large or small, finding the right people to work on it is crucial.
When selecting staff for a project, consider each individual's work experience, portfolio,
formal education, and industry certifications.
Another option to staffing a Web project (or developing an entire Web site) is to out-
source the project—that is, hire another company to do the work for you. Sometimes
portions of a project are outsourced, such as graphics creation, multimedia animation,
or server-side scripting. When this option is chosen, communication between the project
manager and the external organization is crucial. The outsource team needs to be aware
of the project goals and deadlines.
Large or small, developed in-house or outsourced, the success of a Web site project
depends on planning and communication. Formal project development methodology is
used to coordinate and facilitate the planning and communication needed for a successful
Web project.
10.2 The Development Process
Large corporate and commercial Web sites don't just happen. They are carefully built,
usually by following a project development methodology. A methodology is a step-by-
step plan that encompasses the life cycle of a project from start to finish. It comprises
of a series of phases , each having specific activities and deliverables. Most modern
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