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10.1 Successful Large-Scale
Project Development
Large-scale projects are not completed by only one or two individuals. They are created
by a group of people working together as a team. The job roles of project manager,
information architect, marketing representative, copywriter, editor, graphic designer,
database administrator, network administrator, and Web developer are usually needed for
large projects. In smaller companies or smaller organizations each person can wear many
hats and juggle his or her job roles. In a smaller-scale project, one of the Web developers
may double as the project manager, graphic designer, database administrator, and/or infor-
mation architect. Job roles necessary for successful projects are discussed in this section.
Project Manager
The project manager oversees the Web site development process and coordinates team
activities. The project manager creates the project plan and schedule. This individual is
accountable for reaching project milestones and producing results. Excellent organiza-
tional, managerial, and communication skills are required.
Information Architect
The information architect clarifies the mission and goals of the site, assists in determining
the functionality of the site, and is instrumental in defining the site organization,
navigation, and labeling. Web developers and/or the project manager sometimes take
on this role themselves.
Marketing Representative
The marketing representative handles the organization's marketing plan and goals. The
marketing representative works with the Web designers to create a Web presence , or
look and feel, that aligns with the marketing goals of the organization. The marketing
representative also helps to coordinate the Web site with other media used for marketing,
such as print, radio, and television marketing.
Copywriter and Editor
The copywriter prepares and evaluates copy. When material from existing brochures,
newsletters, and white papers will be used on the Web site, it must be repurposed or
reworked for the Web media. The content manager or editor may work with the copy-
writer to check the text for correct grammar and consistency.
Content Manager
The content manager participates in the strategic and creative development and
enhancements of the Web site. He or she oversees changes in content. The skill set of a
successful content manager includes editing, copywriting, marketing, technology, and
communication. The person in this dynamic job role must be able to facilitate change.
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