HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 9.16
The new contact
Configure a blank line underneath the scrolling text box. The XHTML follows:
Question or Comments:<br />
<textarea rows="4" cols="60" name="CustComment" id="CustComment">
Please type your question or comment here</textarea><br /><br />
5. Notice that in Figure 9.15 the submit button displays “Submit.” Use the value
attribute to configure this as follows:
<input type="submit" value="Submit" />
6. Add a blank space next to the submit button, and then add a reset button to the
form. The XHTML follows:
<input type="reset" />
7. Save your contact.html file and test it in a browser. It should look similar to that
shown in Figure 9.16. The solution can be found in the student files in the
Chapter9/9.2 folder.
As you view your form (or Figure 9.16) you may notice that it looks a little messy—the
form controls don't align under each other. A technique often used to align form ele-
ments is to format the form area with a table. See Figure 9.17 for a more orderly ver-
sion of the form formatted with a table.
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