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We walked along the beach. Young men were playing soccer, with beer cans for a goal. A
yellow, red and blue umbrella stood out in contrast to the sun-sparkling beach. The white
seashells, kicked up by waves and tide, formed a crunchy path along the Sea of Cortez.
I felt like I needed a pass to enter because I was the oldest guy on Kino Beach. We were
told that the college crowd was a once-a-year phenomenon. For the rest of the year, fishing
and tranquility would reign.
We lunched at Mariscos Judy, a beach, seafood restaurant. Judy, an American, married
a Mayan chef, and they opened this restaurant. We ordered the specialty, a combination
plate of shrimp, fried fish, manta ray, vegetables, salad and cold beer.
Then we had a
second beer.
Expenses: Hotel $35, breakfast $6, miscellaneous $4. Total: $45.
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