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Sea of Cortez: Kino Bay College Heaven
My sister-in-law once spent a college vacation at the beach on Kino Bay in the Sea of
Cortez, about a two-hour drive from Hermosillo. Because she wondered if it had changed,
I asked my friend Bernardo if he could ask his friends in Hermosillo if I could spend a
Sunday with them at the beach.
Bernardo's friends, Christian and Etty, became my hosts for the day. This was the last day
of spring vacation, and their son had been spending the week with college friends at Kino
Bay. I could visit the Sea of Cortez, and Christian and Etty could pick up their son.
Kino Bay was packed with college students. Ten kilometers of beach homes lined Kino Bay
along the one-road access. Traffic was heavy. All I saw were bumpers and bikinis for six
miles. We drove to an overlook that gave us an excellent view of the Sea of Cortez, the
beach, the Sierras and the desert in a colorful palette of blue, tan and brown.
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