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Phase listeners allow handling the different Phase events. Phase events occur in the beginning and ending of
each standard phase of the JSF request processing lifecycle. JSF request processing life cycle phases are
Restore View.
Apply Request Values.
Process Validations.
Update Model Values.
Invoke Application.
Render Response.
As shown in Figure 4-4 , Lifecycle instance may have zero or more attached PhaseListener s, and UIViewRoot
can have from zero to two instances of PhaseListener s. Phase listeners will be illustrated in detail in the “Phase
Events” section.
Figure 4-4. PhaseListener interface
there is another listener which extends FacesListener (and is omitted from Figure 4-2 for simplicity): this
listener is BehaviorListener . BehaviorListener listens for all of the BehaviorEvent s of the JSF htML components.
these events will be illustrated in Chapter 5.
Now that we've covered the JSF event listener model, what about the JSF event model? Figure 4-5 shows the main
classes in the JSF event hierarchy.
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